Emacs run script after save

I used Spacemacs, a popular Emacs distribution, for daily work. Recently, I faced an annoying situation. I got some projects that can only be compiled and executed on a remote server. Naturally, I think of TRAMP mode. However, the ssh latency to this remote server is so high that every operation in TRAMP mode tooks me about 20+ seconds on average. That is not acceptable.

Therefore, I decided to write the code on my local laptop and then use rsync to upload only updated files to remote. It somehow solved my problem, only thing bothered me is I have to run rsync every time after modified some code. But hey, I’m a programmer and I’m using Emacs, so it should be quite easy to figure out a solution to this bothersome routine.

Clarify my expectation:

  1. Being able to run a script after saving files.
  2. Only run this script in certain project.

After doing some search, I found it is possible to

  1. Hook a elisp function after save.
  2. Utilize the projectile’s defined function for locating script.

The solution I come up with is creating a run_after_save executable in the root of a project (the definition of a project is defined by projectile), and hook a function that checks for this file and executes it if exists on saving. Here is the resulted snippet:

;; === After save hook function for projectile ===
(defun pj-run-after-save ()
"Run script to sync on save"
(if (and (projectile-project-p)
(file-executable-p (projectile-file-truename "run_after_save")))
(shell-command (projectile-file-truename "run_after_save"))

(add-hook 'after-save-hook 'pj-run-after-save)
;; ===============================================