iTerm 3 with 1Password

iTerm 3 is just released, and it comes with some awesome features.
One of my favorite is the “trigger” feature. It can detect (with regular expression) certain pattern from the text in your terminal and trigger some actions.
Also, iTerm 3 provides yet another feature called “Password Manager”. It can store some password for you, and integrating with trigger, it enables us to enter password quickly. I recorded a short gif to demonstrate this feature:

iTerm3 with Password Manager

It’s pretty handy. However, one thing concern me is that I don’t want to spread my password everywhere. The reason I use 1Password is that I want to keep all my password in one place. And clearly, using iTerm’s password manage violate my expectation. That’s why I came up with another solution with Reuven’s sudolikeaboss. After install sudolikeaboss, we can setup a trigger like this:

iTerm3 Trigger

And then we could have iTerm play with 1Password:

iTerm3 with 1Password